The Chin-Up Company


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Kathy from TN:


"You not only have a wonderful product. You also have wonderful customer service. Thank you for going the extra mile. Good doing business with you."



Santa Barbara, California:


"The Chin-Up strips® work!

I've tried drops, sprays, pills, nose straps, a chin strap, nose ring, mouthpiece, even a cervical collar. I've slept on a 16 inch bed wedge, tried pillows, even considered surgery to remove my uvula (chickened out at the last minute).

The chin-up strips® are the only thing that stopped my snoring completely, while sleeping on my back. The boomerang strips are gentle and don't hurt my skin.

Can you send me 10 brochures describing your product? I'd like to give some to my doctor and pharmacist. Thank you. My husband thanks you too, for this wonderful product."

Oliver Garrison from Virginia Beach:


"I have compared your chinup strips with the new Sleep Angel. Your chin up strip is still the undefeated champion! I have been using the chin up strips for over a year now and they work perfectly for me.

"I'd realistically say they have increased the quality of my sleep at least 50%. No, make that 100%. They have helped me that much. Thanks for a great product that has allowed me to breathe effortlessly at night."


Jill from Maryland:


"I have been using your ‘white’ Chin-Up Strips®. They are WONDERFUL! I continue to discover benefits of the Chin-Up Strips®. Not only can my husband sleep, I don't have coughing fits at night and dry mouth in the morning."


Indiana Customer told us:    

"Your chin-up strips® work great for me. My wife is back in our bed."


Virginia Customer told us:  

"Your product is dynamite! My husband will testify to no more night noises!"




Texas Customer told us:    

"The chin up strip is the perfect solution for me! Even with the moustache, the strip works beautifully."

Michigan Customer Told Us : 

"I ordered a 2 month supply of Chin-Up's about two months ago. They work great! Now send me a 3 month supply."

Oregon Customer told us:    

"Your Chin-Up strips® have dramatically changed my life and I want to personally thank you for your efforts."

Tennessee Customer told us:    

"Received your 30 day supply of Chin-Up snoring strips. Have used 10 nights now. My wife is happy. She said: ‘You sleep quietly now. Your irritating snoring stopped.’"

Georgia Customer told us:    

"Chin-Up is great for us! My husband sleeps 6-7 hours straight now. He does not wake up every two hours like he used to. I sleep better too. Thank You."

Jill S. from Maryland:    

"Because I breathe through my nose when wearing the strip, I have found my sinus passages are much clearer in the morning when I wake up. I also get a good night's sleep! Many thanks...!"

Wisconsin Customer told us:    

"The Chin-Ups work great and nothing else does...I need to get some more. I'm so bad I can't sleep in the same building with anyone else. I should say nobody would sleep in the same building with me in it!"

Illinois Customer told us:    

"The first week I was concerned about whether I would get used to the strip. However, I am sleeping comfortably and my loud snoring is history. Thank You."

California Customer Told Us:    

"I like your product very much. I am a female and my skin is delicate. Nevertheless, I have had no irritation from using your Chin-Up Strips®."

Wisconsin Customer Told Us:

"My teenage son is physically challenged and we obtained your chin-up strips® because
he was having a lot of trouble with dry mouth, sinus and nasal congestion. He could not keep his chin up. He has been using chin-up strips® for about a year and he feels so much better."

Texas Customer told us:    

"I now use three of your Chin-Ups every day. One at night and one for each nap I take during the day. Now I wake up with clear nasal passages. That is great for me. Send me another 60 day supply."

Georgia Customer told us: 

"My husband bought a 30 pack of chin-up strips® two weeks ago. He has more energy and his attitude is more positive. Yesterday, he was up early cleaning the kitchen!"

Florida Customer told us:    

"I travel with my boss to trade shows. One day my boss told me I had to do something about my loud snoring. I took the Chin-Up Strips® on the next trip and it worked."

California Customer told us:    

"I am now using the combination of Chin-Up Strips® and Breathe Right nasal strip your company recommended and my snoring has stopped. Thank you very much!"

New York Customer Told Us:    

"I feel much better since I have been using the Chin-Up Strips®! I had tried almost all the anti-snore things on the market. Chin-Up is the one that works for me."

Georgia Customer told us:    

"I have been using your Chin-Up Strips® every night for over a year now. Recently, I began to complain about my wife's snoring. I finally convinced her to put on a chin-up strips®. It stopped her snoring too!"

Florida Customer told us:    

"After I wake up, I use warm water to remove the strip and I never have any problem with my skin. It comes right off. I took samples to my doctor and told him how great I feel since I started using your Chin-Up Strips® about a year ago. Send me another 60 day supply right away! I don't want to run out"

Jim, Hilton Head, SC    

"My cousin and his wife from Evanston, IL were here for three days and left this morning to visit Savannah for two days. He is a terrible snorer and when they travel, they book two separate rooms because she cannot get any rest if in the same room because of the noise."

Robert , Chesapeake, VA :  

"Being a light snorer I was a little leery about trying this product. However I was curious so I thought I'd give it a try. It took a little getting used to, having something on my face, as it was quite sticky. It lasted all night though and I didn't snore! I don't know that I'll use it much as I don't have a big snoring problem, but if I was a deep snorer I'd definitely give this one a try and will let my snoring friends know about it."