The Chin-Up Company


Contact Us in Atlanta at 1-888-835-4563


Other Places to Order Chin-Up Strips

Direct Order


Chin-Up Strips 500 or 300 count available for order by phone, fax or email.


Phone: 1-888-835-4563

Fax: 678-298-9988


From Your Local Pharmacy


If you want to buy Chin-Up Strips at your local pharmacy, ask your pharmacist to order them in for you.


Ask them to send a request to: and we will send our order form to your pharmacist.

USA Resellers




MVAP Medical Supplies Inc.


Phone: 805-376-8100

Fax: 805-376-9183


Canada Resellers


Therapy Control Products Inc.


phone: 1-877-771-7794


CPAP Clinic


Phone: 905-669-2232


UK Resellers


British Snoring



Easy Application Directions - All Strips

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3

First: cheek tabs are applied, and held down with index fingers (Figure 1).


Second: use middle fingers & thumbs to pull chin section away from lips (Figure 2).


Third: say the word "UP" and hold position, then press the chin section on the chin (Figure 3).