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Over 10 million Chin-Up Strips® sent to hospitals, re-sellers, and users worldwide.

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Rediscover Dreams. We believe effective sleep therapy empowers people to rediscover their dreams, sleep comfortably and enjoy more good nights and great days!



The Amazing and Dynamic Journey Between Bed and Breakfast. It can be a journey to a delightful tomorrow or a journey to a day of stress and fatigue.


Chronic Loud Snoring is a warning signal indicating tomorrow will be another day of stress and fatigue. As the number of days with stress and fatigue increase, the day of having to live with a major crisis gets closer.


During SLEEP a systemic journey healing mind and body determines tomorrow's wellness. If the journey is loud and rough, tomorrow is tired & dull.  If the journey is quiet and smooth, tomorrow is delightful.


Primary Nasal Breathing is required for quiet sleep. If your breathing pattern changes to Primary Mouth Breathing, Chin-Up Strips can naturally maintain your primary nasal breathing and eliminate loud snoring.


FDA cleared in 2004


End dry mouth & oral venting with Cpap.


Safely limit mouth breathing comfortably.


Reduce loud mouth snoring - first night.

Chin-Up Strips® Made in the USA!


Helping the World Sleep since 1999!


Over 2 million Chin-Up Strips® sent to Japan.


Over 1 million Chin-Up Strips® sent to BSSAA UK.