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FDA "Indication for Use" 510(k) K010191 Chin-Up Strips® supports the chin during sleep by promoting and enhancing nasal breathing by reducing mouth breathing and oral venting and also thereby enhancing nasal breathing to help Breathe right nasal strips reduce or eliminate snoring.

Loud snoring - is a sexual turn off!

Why does one snore?


Snoring is caused when we relax. As soon as we go to sleep, our upper airways loosen up. A medical definition for snoring is: Upper airway resistance syndrome.


But for some people when they breathe during sleep, their airways get so narrow that their nasal passages vibrate from the vocal chords to the roof of the mouth.


The sound of snoring can be worsened by sleeping on your back, having a nasal obstruction, or being obese. There are four types of snorers. It's important to identify which type you are before finding right treatment.

CPAP & Chin-Up

Mouth breathing compromises adherence to nasal continuous positive airway pressure therapy.



Mouth leak compromises nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. We hypothesized that patients who breathe mainly through their mouths during sleep, compared to those who breathe mainly through their noses, would have more mouth leak during CPAP and therefore lower adherence to CPAP.



Patients with moderate-to-severe sleep-disordered breathing and a high percentage of mouth breathing during sleep were less adherent to CPAP therapy than patients exhibiting a low percentage of mouth breathing.